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Dehimandau Jaant
Dehimandau Jaant(religious festival)
Baitadi is the district headquarters of Baitadi district at a distance of 849 kilometers from Kathmandu. Baitadi Bazaar is locally known as Garhi (fort). The place is located on the southern slopes of Shahi Lekh (1,611m). Settlement is crowded along a narrow street. There are some government offices and about two dozen shops with a small park dedicated to martyr Dasarath Chand. The commercial activity is very minimal, compared to the nearby Pithoragarh, about 7 kilometers west across the border in India. It is, however, on the main trail from Jhulaghat part of Dadeldhura, Doti and Bajhang. Jhulaghat is an important trade outlet for some of the far western districts.
Tripurasundari Temple, Baitadi
Tripurasundari Temple, Baitadi
The Baitadi district entails 62 Village Development Comittee (VDCs) and one Municipality(Dasarathchand). Baitadi falls into the farthest western regional district of Nepal touching Jhulaghat, India to its border. Being parts of Kumaun then Baitadi was rule by Chand kings of kumaun before 1791 and then after it becomes the part of Nepal.

General Information
District is situated in the height of 2,439 meters to 6,936 meters from sea level.
Area : 1,519 square kilometers. 
Population : 250,898 as per the census of 2011 A.D.
Literacy rate : 52%.
Capital : Baitadi 
Total V.D.Cs: 62
Municipalities :1

Gothlapani-Sahilek Connecting Road(part of DashrathChand Highway)
Longitude: 80’’22””- 80’’50””
Latitude: 29’’19””- 29’’40”

Political boundary
East: Doti and Bajhang
West: Uttaranchal Pradesh of India
North: Darchula and Bajhang
South: Dhadeldhura and Uttaranchal Pradesh of India

Major rivers
Mahakali, Chaulane,Surnaya
Chamliya khola
Chamliya khola
Dhungad, Baitadi
Dhungad, Baitadi
Tropical, Temperate,Mild ––temperate, Alpine
   Maximum: 32.4 0 C 
   Minimum: 0.5 0 C
Rainfall: 1242.5 ml.

Predominant Language and Culture
Language: Nepali,Doteli
Culture: Doteli
Bramhin, Chhetri, Thakuri, Kami and Lohar etc. 

Gurukhola Baitadi
Gurukhola, Baitadi
 Chhaliya Nach
 Chhaliya Nach
Ninglasaini Bhagawati Temple
Ninglasaini Bhagawati Temple, Baitadi
District headquarter Baitadi
View of District headquarter Baitadi
Map Of Baitadi District
Baitadi District
Town and Village
Sharmali,Mahakali, Pancheshwor, Kulau, Udayadev, Bisalpur, Shivanath, Aamchaur, Melauli, Maharudra, Rodidewal, Giregada, Nagarjun, Guwalek, Salena, Durgasthan, Dehimandu, Gurukhola, Basantapur, Sakar, Kailpal, Dugad, Thalakada, Sigas, Siddhapur, Gajari, Shilanga, Patan, Bhumeshwor, Gujar, Siddheshwor, Chaukham, Shikharpur, Kotpetera, Newadeu, Bhatana, Kuwakot, Bhumiraj, Kotila, Hat, Mahadevsthan, Malladehi, Talladehi, Mathairaj, Dilasaini, Rudreshwor, Gokuleshwor, Rim, Kataujapani, Bijayapur, Shankarpur, Rauleshwor, Basuling, Mauneli, Hatairaj, Shreekot, Bdurgabhawani, Shree Kedar, Nwali, Deulek, Sitad. 

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