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Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve

Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve of Nepal’s best-known and most accessible Wildlife Reserve having large Swamp Deer Herds of Asia, Shuklaphanta wildlife Reserve is invariable associated with the Royal Bengal Tiger and the great One-horned Rhinoceros both endangered species. The river offers a variety of experiences with the diverse interior and abundant wildlife. Forests, streams and rivers, lakes, and several large phantas (grasslands), for which the park is named, comprise the habit of the reserve. Sal trees dominate the forests, Khair-Sisso forests are found along the riverside areas.Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve.
The wildlife reserve is situated in the Kanchanpur district the extreme southwest of Nepal. The name of the reserve is derived from the largest of there grasslands, which is known as Sukla Phat. The reserve area is 305 sq.kms. The reserve shares a common boundary with the Indian State of Utter Pradeshin the South and west which is formed by the Mahakali river. The aquatic and…

Khaptad National Park

The Khaptad National Park is a protected area in the Far-Western Region, Nepal that was established in 1984Stretching over the four districts of Bajhang, Bajura, Achham and Doti it covers an area of 225 km2 (87 sq mi) and ranges in elevation from 1,400 m (4,600 ft) to 3,300 m (10,800 ft).The proposed area of buffer zone is 216 sq. km. The park is the only mid-mountain national park in western Nepal, representing a unique and important ecosystem. The late Khaptad Swami moved to the area in 1940’s to meditate and worship. He spent about 50 years as a hermit and became a renowned spiritual saint. The park offers a challenging yet rewarding experience unlike any other protected area in Nepal. To the north one can see the Saipal Himalayan Ranges. In the other direction the vast green mid-hills of Nepal can be seen clearly. There are 22 open patches of Patans (pasture land) mix together with the forests inside park. The local people graze their livestock in the Patans during the summer seaso…