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Karnali Bridge (Chisapani)

The bridge over the Karnali river(500 metre) is the second of its kind in Asia. The single-pillar bridge was constructed by the Japanese government. But this is not the only attraction in this region. The Bardiya National Park connected to the area, Karnali River and the beautiful scenery with the delicious fish have enhanced the beauty of the region. After the decade-long conflict, economic activities in the area had diminished. But such activities are now on the rise. Chiasapani bazaar had given the feeling of a cemetery when three ordinary people and three Maoist combatants were killed beside the Karnali bridge in a clash that took place in the last month of Paush 2061 B.S. At that time, Parwati Thapa, an operator of Dolphin Hotel, who served delicious fishes to the visitors, was not only injured but her entire hotel had been destroyed. There was a total loss of about Rs. 475,000. Netra Bhujel, operator of Sunrise Hotel, said that after the conflict there were no visitors in the area,…

Ghodaghodi Lake

Ramsar Designation Date: 13-08-2003
Coordinates:                         28°41'03" N                                         80° 56'43" E Area:                                      2,563 hectares  Elevation:                              205 meters
OVERVIEW: Ghodaghodi is a natural freshwater oxbow lake on the lower slopes of Siwalik. It is a large and shallow lake, having finger-like projections, with associated marshes and meadows surrounded by tropical deciduous forest on the lower slopes of Siwalik range. There are thirteen associated lakes and ponds, and some streams separated by hillocks situated on the periphery of Ghodaghodi. The forest and wetlands are wildlife corridor between the low land (Terai) and the Siwaliks.
HYDROLOGICAL VALUE: The lake is fed by direct precipitation during the monsoon season and by surface flows from the watershed area, ground water springs and small streams. Water depth varies from 1-4 m. Secchi depth transparency and high phoshor level ind…

Bajura District

Martadi is the district headquarters of Bajura district at a distance of 950 kilometers from Kathmandu. The name Martadi was derived from Martanda Rishi. The important religious temples such as Badimalika and Kailashmandu could become important tourist attractions. The major ethnic groups in this district include Chhetri, Thakuri, Brahmin, Kami, Damai, Sarki, Kumal and Chunar. Polyandry tradition exists among Bhotia and Sauka communities. Locals worship in Jiulekmandu and Badimalika temples.Major festivals of Bajura are Dasain, Tihar, Fagu, Daval Jatra and Sain Kande Jatra. Bajureli Deuda and Bhuwa dances are very popular in the region for their uniqueness. Political Boundary East: Humla, Mugu and Kalikot  West: Bajhang and Achham North: Humla and Bajhang  South: Kalikot and Achham 

According to National Population and Housing Census 2011
Total household: 24,908 
Male: 65,806
Female: 69,106
Total: 134,912

Major rivers Budhiganga, Karnali,Kawadi, Kunna.
Topography Location Longitude: 81’’ 1…

Ugratara's temple

Goddess Ugratara is the deity to whom the temple of Ugratara is dedicated. Ugratara is another form of Goddess Parvati. Ugratara is connected to Hinduism. It isis located in Dadeldhura District of farwest Development region.This place and temple so devine and pleasure. Ugratara temple is the heritages of the farwestern Nepal.

Baitadi district

Baitadi is the district headquarters of Baitadi district at a distance of 849 kilometers from Kathmandu. Baitadi Bazaar is locally known as Garhi (fort). The place is located on the southern slopes of Shahi Lekh (1,611m). Settlement is crowded along a narrow street. There are some government offices and about two dozen shops with a small park dedicated to martyr Dasarath Chand. The commercial activity is very minimal, compared to the nearby Pithoragarh, about 7 kilometers west across the border in India. It is, however, on the main trail from Jhulaghat part of Dadeldhura, Doti and Bajhang. Jhulaghat is an important trade outlet for some of the far western districts. The Baitadi district entails 62 Village Development Comittee (VDCs) and one Municipality(Dasarathchand). Baitadi falls into the farthest western regional district of Nepal touching Jhulaghat, India to its border. Being parts of Kumaun then Baitadi was rule by Chand kings of kumaun before 1791 and then after it becomes the …

Dodhara Chandani Bridge

Mahakali Bridge(commanly known as Dodhara Chandani Bridge)  is a suspansion bridge over Mahakali(sharada) River with a length about 1,496.5m. Which is located on Kanchanpur District of Malakali Zone in Farwestern development Region. It is famous for it's unique style of engineering technique.There are only 2 vdc of nepal beyond mahakali river chadani and dodhara,connection with own land is by this bridge. Mahakali river also serves as the border between Nepal and India. It is near the shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve is the one of the main attraction of this western Nepal. It is constructed  by Nepal-Japan Co-opration. 

Tikapur Park

Tikapur Park, one of the biggest and beautiful parks in western Nepal Situated at Tikapur Municipality of Kailali District. It was built by King Mahendra. During that time his health condition was very poor, due to heart disease and Doctor too asked him to rest. But despite of his health he kept on the work of building it. After it was built positive changes were seen in his health because of its fresh and good environment.  So therefore this Tikapur Park is now known as "The Rest Place of King Mahendra Tikapur Park" which brought about a great change in his health very drastically. 
These days Tikapur Park has been an area of  tourists, entertainments and recreations. A very mass of people from in and outside of the country come to visit this place for their soul peace and satisfaction with its pleasant and cool environment. Besides, Tikapur park is a famous park with variety of food stuffs made up of banana, and a melodious and sweet banana wine has been each people's d…

Badimalika Temple

Badimalika Temple of Bajura is the famous on farwestern development region. It lies in the Bajura district in Kailashmandu VDC at seti Zone. It is 15000 fits. hight. There was mella on Every year Sharvan Purnima. Many peoples goes there for worship the Devi kalika. In the winter season there falls snow. So that  nobody can go there.