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A lion never eats grass: Dr KI Singh

"I am K.I. Singh, so I am not a grass eater. A lion never eats grass." (In 1979)
Kunwar Indrajeet Singh (1906 – 4 October 1982 AD/ 1963 Baisakh 13- 2039 Asoj 29 BS) was Prime Minister of Nepal for four months in 1957. He was known as the 'Robin Hood of the Himalayas' after initiating an extensive land redistribution scheme in the early 1950s. He was a member of the Nepali Congress. In 1981, he joined the breakaway Nepali Congress (Subarna). He is also the first known Doctor of Nepal known as Dr K.I. Singh. He also played important role for revolution against autocratic rana rule of Nepal.His full name is Dr. Kunwar Indrajeet Singh, but is popularly known as Dr. K.I. Singh. He worked in India, and Burma (Myanmar) in the Japanese occupied areas during 1932-34. In 1946, he joined the Nepali National Congress Party and actively participated in the 1950-51 revolution against the Ranas to establish democracy in Nepal. Because of his strong opposition to the 1950 agreement, h…

Robin Hood of the Himalayas: Dr KI Singh

As hospitals go the Bir Hospital then was the best in Kathmandu Valley. It was a gift from the Government of India, euphemistically built under the "Joint cooperation between His Majesty's Government of Nepal and Government of India", as all receiving nations always like to brag. What was interesting at this point in time was that an old man lay dying there. Both the governments of Nepal and India were gunning for the head of this man thirty years earlier and, as so often happens in history, time is the greatest of healers. Now as he lay dying he was the state's VIP patient looked after by the state by command of the king of Nepal. He had a visitor.  Another interesting facet of this meeting was that the person visiting the old warrior was none other than his former nemesis, another old man who had one time announced a bounty on the former's head, a princely sum of Rs. 50,000.00 dead or alive! The old patient was none other than Dr. Kunwar Inderjit Singh, better k…

Happy New Year Cards

On the special occasion of Nepali New Year 2072 BS. We are Providing you 'Happy New Year Card' with beautiful scenery of Far west development region of Nepal. These all cards are free of cost. 

Aircraft Museum in Dhangadhi

Here are few photos of Under construction 'Nepal's first & only Aircraft museum' at Dhangadhi, Kailali. This museum is the outcome of concept of famous Photographer and Captain Bed Upreti. Captain Upreti said that, fund raised by this museum will be helpful to cancer patients and financially poor school children.