Nepal is a multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-ethnic country. As a result the number of festivals exceeds that of the days of a year. For some foreigners, these festivals are mysterious, colorful and pleasant. Moreover, they have a great deal more about them. They emerge from the depth of the socio-cultural aspects of life. The festivals have mythological, religious and historical backgrounds. The ceremonies, as a whole, reflect a way of life, unique in its own place. They mirror the value system established by age long socio-cultural and religious conventions; they strengthen the social and family relations; they show the awe and reverence of the unknown people; they make it clear how Nepalese people pay homage to every element of nature; they mark the change of seasons and rejoice sowing seeds and harvesting. 

The original annual dates for the festivals were fixed according to the lunar calendar long ago, so they do not coincide with the solar calendar currently used in Nepal. Similarly, they do not coincide with the Gregorian calendar either.

Festivals list of nepal:
  1. Sithi Naka or Kumar Sasthi
  2. Dumji
  3. Bala Chaturdashi
  4. Mani rimdu
  5. Gunla (The sacred month of Buddha)
  6. Nava Barsa Bisket of Bhaktapur
  7. Baishak purnima
  8. Indra Jatra and kumari Jatra
  9. Rato machhendranath
  10. Gokarna aunsi (The Father’’s day)
  11. Vivaha Panchami
  12. Mata Tirtha puja
  13. Sri Panchami or Basanta Panchami
  14. Janai Purnima Or Raksha Bandhan
  15. Maghe Sankranti
  16. Loshar
  17. Krishnashtami(Krishna’’s eight)
  18. Maghe Poornima
  19. Tihar and Laxmi Puja (Festival of lights)
  20. Chaite Dashain
  21. Ghode Jatra (The procession of Horses)
  22. Teej Brata The fasting festival (women only)
  23. Holi festival (The festival of colour)
  24. Naga Panchami (The day of the Snake Gods)
  25. Gai jatra (The procession of sacred cows)
  26. Bada Dashain (Durga Puja)
  27. Maha Shiva Ratri
  28. Ram Nawami

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