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Maha Shiva Ratri

(The sacred Night of Lord Shiva)
Shiva Ratri, virtually meaning ‘‘the night dedicated to Shiva’’ falls on the fourteenth day of the waning moon in late February and early March. On this occasion, Hindu devotees crowd at all the Shiva shrines of the country. Flowers offered are marrgosa leaves. They take bath in holy rivers, perform penance and keep vigil throughout the right singing ancient hymns and praying Shiva with his 1008 names. The temple of Pashupatipati in Kathmandu is visited by millions of devotees from different parts of Nepal and pilgrims of India. They camp around the temple and all the lodges and guesthouse is filled with the pilgrims. The religious fervour intensifies as the might falls. Oil-fed lamps and electric bulbs illuminate the whole area. The sweet smell of incense rhythm of hymns and chaotic dinon the crowd all together give the impression of a different age, remove from ours. Behind all there is the strong belief that such rituals will secure oneself a place i…

Destination Ramaroshan

Welcome to the pristinity……
RamaRoshan region which lies in Accham district, the far western part of Nepal, is famous for its 12 wetlands and 18 flatlands. Locals believe that to explore all the 12 lakes and 18 flatlands one need at least 3 days. The whole areas altitude variation varies from 2050m to 3792m above sea level. There have been various stories regarding the name of RamaRoshan. Some believes that 'Rama' and 'Roshan' are the two flatlands within a distance of half an hour hence the name RamaRoshan has been derived. On the other story, Rama is a name of different deities and Roshan means the panoramic places and since the deities used to come to that region, the name RamaRoshan has remained.
RamaRoshan lies 42 kms away from the district headquarter of the Achham district, Mangalsain and is easily accessible by gravelled motorrable road. The area itself lies in the middle of 3 districts, Accham, Bajura and Kalikot. The area is a habitant of Nepal’s national bird D…

Tharu People

Thatu are an ethanic group indigenous to the terai region of Nepal. Total population of Tharu is nearly about 439,267(National population and housing census 2011) in Far western Development Region of Nepal. 
There are several endogenous sub-groups of Tharu: Rana tharu :-  are in Kailali and Kanchanpur District of Far western Development Region. Rana Tharu claim Rajput origin.Sonha :-  in surkhet districtKathoriya Tharu :- most in Kailali DistrictDangaura Tharu :- in western Terai( Dang-Deukhuri, Banke and Bardia districts)Paschuhan (Western) Tharu :- in  Rupandehi and NawalparasiRautar Tharu :- Rupandehi and NawalparasiPurbaha Tharu :- Rupandehi & KapilvastuAarkutwa or Chitwania Tharu :- in central Terai( Sindhuli, Chitwan and Nawalparasi) DistrictKochila Tharu :- in eastern Terai (Saptari, Bara, Parsa, Rautahat, Sarlahi, Mahottari and Udayapur) DistrictsDanuwar :-  in eastern Terai(Udayapur, Saptari and Morang) districtsLamputchwa Tharu :- in Morang DistrictCulture