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Snowfall in hilly region of Far West (Photo feature)

Photo Feature of scenery after heavy snowfall in hilly districts of Far West, Nepal. After snowfall, daily life of locals is affected. Schools have been closed for few days and people have been confined in their own houses. Here you can see photos of famous tourism destination of Far West, Khaptad, Darchula, Dadeldhura and Baitadi. Click here to see beautiful snaps with snow:  (Source/Credit of Photos are in captions)

Desavar - The Biggest voluntary labor in Asia

About 10 thousand people who gathered to voluntary labor 'desavar' considered as the greatest voluntary labor for the longest era without any forces. Like every year this year also 10 thousands farmers have about a month pass on the bank of Karnali River. Karnali is the longest river of Nepal. Most of them are busy to dig the canal and rest of them are cooking food and bringing drinking water for labor.

In 1953 Bikram Sambat (i.e. 1896 AD) the Queen Padamkumari ordered own people to dig irrigation canal, that’s why this canal is known as Rani Kulo (Queen Canal). Since then, the annual maintenance of the canal is proceeded as a mass voluntary labor to maintain the tradition is so far. Now there are almost 10 thousand people who are resident from 2 municipality of the Kailali district and 7 Villages of Kailali district of Far West development region of Nepal. Farmers from Tikapur and Lamki Chuha municipality and Pathraiya, Durgauli, Munuva, Dhansinghpur, Narayanpur, Janakinagara a…

Khaptad Badimalika Ramaroshan Trail (video)

In this 2 minute 48 seconds video you can see beautiful scenery of Khaptad, Badimalika and Ramaroshan. This trail is known as 'Farwest Heritage Trail', total duration is 17 days and accommodation should be tented camp and home-stays. Please watch this video and comment below. Special Thanks for Photo journalist Bharat Bandhu Thapa for this video.  
For more information, Please contact:  Tourism Development Society (TDS), Dhangadhi-5, Kailali, Nepal  Phone no. +977-091-521900  Email:, Website:, 

Congratulation Guleli Baje !

Congratulations for Bhoj Raj Shrestha 'Guleli Baje' and Dolphin Conservation team for winning NAST award, awarded by Honorable Prime minister Sushil Koirala . We are proud of you. (Photo: Bijay Raj Shrestha/Fb) 

Heaven in Earth- Badimalika (Photo feature)

Badimalika, the another name of heaven in earth is in Bajura, far western region of Nepal. This is virgin land for adventurous tourism. Badimalika is well known religious place in Bajura. These photos are taken from onlinekhabar digital online Nepali news. Special thanks for Mr Bharat Bandhu Thapa, one of the famous photo journalist of Nepal, for such beautiful photos. Let's see this photo feature and give us feedback. If you want to know more about Bajura district, please click: