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Karnali Bridge chisapani” width=

Karnali Bridge

The junction which connects beautiful farwest with remaining Nepal. This river(Karnali) is the Longest River of Nepal.

khaptad National park” width=

Khaptad Patan

Sangrila in earth, beautiful place in Bajura, Bajhang, Achham and Doti districts of Beautiful farwest of Nepal.

Dodhara chadani Jholunge Pul” width=

Mahakali suspension bridge(Dodhara-Chadani Jholunge Pul)

Bridge over Mahakali river, which connects 2 VDCs of Nepal (Dodhara and Chadani VDC) across Mahakali with whole Nepal, Length is 1496.5m.

suklafata wildlife reserve” width=

Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve of Nepal

Best known and most accessible Wildlife Reserve having large Swamp Deer Herds of Asia, and is invariable associated with the Royal Bengal Tiger and the great One-horned Rhinoceros both endangered species.


Tharu Culture

Performing their own cultural dance.Tharus are the indigenous ethnic group who live in the Terai with a concentrated population in the middle and west of the country.

Airport in Dewal Bajhang farwestern Nepal” width=

Bajhang Airport(BJH)

Domestic Airport in Dewal Bajhang, farwestern Nepal.

bhuwa natch “ width=

Bhua naach

One of the cultural dance of Far West, Nepal. Which is started after victory of war in Western part of Nepal during unification of country. Which is mainly performed in Bajura,Bajhang & Achham.

Hope I catch enough fish for my family” width=

Hope I catch enough fish for my family

Old Tharu man fishing in a old canal.

A local porter from Far western region nepal” width=

A Porter in his way.

Life is hard but they enjoy it on their way. A local porter from Far western region, Nepal.

Boys playing cricket near Himalayas in Darchula.Winner will get yarshagumba from loser” width=

Crazy for Cricket.

Boys playing cricket near Himalayas in Darchula.Winner will get yarshagumba from loser.

Rana Tharu  singing hori song” width=

Never forget own Culture.

Rana Tharu women in their traditional attire singing hori song. Most of Rana Tharus are lives in southern part of Kanchanpur District.

Seti River farwest nepal”  width=

West Seti River.

Nowadays West Seti River is famous because of West Seti Hydroelectric Project(750 MW).

Shree Satyavadi Higher Secondary School Bajhang”  width=

School is the Temple of Education.

One of the oldest School of Nepal, Shree Satyavadi Higher Secondary School, Bajhang.

Goddess Ugratara temple”  width=

Ugratara temple

Goddess Ugratara is the deity to whom the temple of Ugratara is dedicated.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bajhang District

Chainpur is the district headquarters of Bajhang district at a distance of 660 kilometers from Kathmandu. It is one of the beautiful places with snowy mountains like Saipal Himal (7031m), Sankhamala Himal, Lama Peak, Ramkot Danda along Seti River valley.High land animals like Himalayan black bear, wolf, hispid hare, blue sheep, barking deer, snow leopard etc. and the high country birds like raven, vulture, hawk, Himalayan munal, pheasant etc dwell in ever green nice temperate and alpine forests. The society in lower part is mainly Hindus and the upper part is infuenced by the Tibetan culture.
Chainpur Bajhang  Nepal
Chainpur,Bajhang, Nepal 
Satyavadi School Bajhang
Satyavadi School Bajhang, One of the Oldest school of Nepal

Ramkot provides spectacular views of Surmalekh, Urailekh, Saipal, Gorakh, Kanti and Kanjirowa Himalayan ranges to the west, north and east and beautiful meandering Seti River valley with settlements of the people, garlands of mountain- horizons to the south. The trail to Ramkot from Talkot Dhuli along the river valley is pleasant. Birds and insects, primitive life style of the people, huts and thatched roof houses decorated by colorful clay are common sights. The formation of the mountains can be the subject of study for the geologists. There is the way to Kailash and Man Sarovar in Tibet passing through the Chanwa Urailekh via Seti River valley.
Khaptad National Park
View around Khaptad National Park

Latitude: 29’’ 29””-30’’ 01”
Longitude: 8046‟ - 8134‟
Headquarter: Chainpur

Altitude: 915 m to 7031m
Area: 3422 sq. km
Mount Saipal Bajhang
Mount Saipal, Bajhang, Nepal

Total household: 33,786
Male: 92,794
Female: 102,365
Total:195,159(According to National census 2011)

East: Bajura, Humla
West: Baitadi, Darchula
North: Humla, China
South: Doti, Baitadi and Achham 
Bajhang Airport
Bajhang Airport,Bajhang
Map of Bajhang
Bajhang District map
Villages of Bajhang
Banjh, BhairabNath, Bhamchaur, Bhatekhola, Byasi, Chaudhari, Dahabagar, Dangaji, Dantola, Daulichaur, Deulekh, Deulikot, Dhamena, Gadaraya, Hemantabada, Kadal, Kailash, Kalukheti, Kanda, Kaphalaseri, Khiratadi, Koiralakot, KotBhairab, Kotdewal, Lamatola, Lekhgaun, Luyanta, Majhigaun, Malumela, Mashdev, Matela, Maulali,  Melbisauni, Parakatne, Patadewal, Pauwagadhi, Pipalkot, Rayal, Rithapata, Rilu, Sainpasela, Subeda, Sunikot, Sunkuda, Surma, Syandi, ThalaraKhateda Khotikhet. 
Chhanna Gadigaun Bajhang Nepal
Chhanna, Gadigaun Bajhang ,Nepal

Malumela Bajhang Nepal
Malumela, Bajhang, Nepal