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Nainadevi Temple Dhangadhi Kailali
Nainadevi Temple Dhangadhi,Kailali
Dhangadhi is the headquarters of Seti Zone that includes far-flung places as Saipal near Tibet. The growth of town owed much to the extension of railway up to Gauri Phanta across the border originally for timber transport.

Kailali district is situated in far western region of Nepal in Seti Zone. The district was returned to Nepal from East India Company in 1860 AD. Hansuliya VDC in Kailali is a village where a fort was located between 1968 and 1978. The district got its name from the fort.

Most part of the district lies in Tarai belt with varying the altitude ranging from 179 m to 1,957 m above sea level. Dhangadhi is the headquarters of the district as well. The rectangular-shaped district covers an area of 2,742 sq. km. Most people are Tharus. Agronomy is the base of economy, where Karnali, Mohana, Patheraiya, Kada Kamara, Surmi Rivers provides water for cultivation of the land. Dhangadhi is the prime commercial hub. Dhangadhi-Dadeldhura Highway would become the backbone for the development of Kailali.

Political Boundary
East: Bardiya and Surkhet, 
West: Kanchanpur and Doti, 
North: Surkhet and Doti, 
South: India. 

Major rivers 
Karnali, Mohana, Pothraiya, Karrha, Kanara. 

Predominant culture
Tharu, Dotyali, Nepali.
Tharu Cultural Dance Sakhiya
Tharu Cultural Dance Sakhiya
Tharu Cultural Dance Sakhiya
Tharu Cultural Dance Sakhiya
Bhadagau Home-stay Kailali
Welcome to you in Bhadagau Home-stay Kailali 

Longitude: 800 15”- 810 15”
Latitude: 280 22- 290 0”. 

Sub- tropical, Temperate, Cool- temperate. 
Maximum Temperature: 40.50 °Centigrade 
Minimum Temperature: 17.70 °Centigrade. 
Rainfall 1577 ml.

Tourist attraction centers
Navdurga Temple Kailali
Navdurga Temple, Kailali
Tikapur Park Tikapur
Tikapur Park,Tikapur, Kailali
Dhangadhi, Chaumala-Banana Pocket Zone, Godawari,Tikapur Park, Ghodaghodi wetland and temple, Karnali River.
Mustard field in Kailali district
A village of Kailali district with Mustard field 
There are more than 100 lakes/pond in Kailali district of which Ghdaghodi Tal is the largest one. It is also the largest lake in Terai belt of Nepal. It is ocated about 53 Km east of the Dhangadhi on the east-west high way. Darakh, Ram Shikhar and Sandepani VDCs border it. The geographically the lake lies at 28°41'03'' north latitude and 80°56'45''east latitude. The altitude of the lake is 205 m from the sea level. It is 4 meter deep and covers an area of 138 ha. It has a palm with 19 fingers shape. There are other 13 lakes in the surrounding areas. The total area of all these lakes is 248 ha.

As per the legend, there was a beautiful village in ancient time. The village converted into a lake after a nightlong terrestrial rain. The king of that area sent obedient he-horse first and then she-horse to inspect the area. Both of the horses died on the way without reaching the destination. The king thought that there exists some divine force and decided to construct a temple. The temple and the lake are named after the horses.

Ghodaghodi Taal  Kailali
Ghodaghodi Taal, Kailali
Thousand of the religious people visit the temple each year during Marga Panchami (November) and Maghe Sanskati (Janaury).The area is rich in natural bio-diversities. Thirty-four species of mammals, 29 species of the fishes, 32 species of he butterfly, 11 species of snails, 140 species of birds 9 out of them four are in endanger), 455 species of plants are reported from these areas. Being the international importance of the area, as per Ramsar international treaty,His Majesty's Government of Nepal has requested to declare this area as protective swampy land.In addition, this area is located in between of the Bardia National Park and Shahi Shukla Phant. This place could be an important tourist destination in the district.

Chisapani is located in the West Bank of Karnali River, which is around the middle (90 km) of district headquarters of Banke and Kailali90km east of Dhangadhi and 90 km west of Nepalgung on the East-West highway.Because of cold water and delicious fish dishes, people prefer to visit this place.Rafting and boating sports can be introduced in the Karnali River and thus could be an excellent tourist destination tin the district.

Map Of Kailali District

Kailali district map

Towns and Villages
·Baliya ·Basauti ·Beladevipur ·Bhajani ·Boniya ·Chuha ·Chaumala  ·Dansinhapur  ·Darakh ·Dododhara ·Durgauli ·Gadariya ·Geta ·Godawari ·Hasuliya ·Janakinagar ·Joshipur ·Khailad ·Khairala ·KotaTulsipur ·Lalbojhi ·Malakheti ·Masuriya ·Mohanyal ·Munuwa ·Narayanpur ·Nigali ·Pahalmanpur ·Pandaun ·Pawera ·Phulwari ·Pratapur ·RamsikharJhala ·Ratanapur ·Sandepani ·Sahajpur ·Sreepur ·Sugarkhal ·Thapapur ·Udasipur ·UrmaKathauti
·Dhangadhi  ·Tikapur 

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