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Karnali Bridge chisapani” width=

Karnali Bridge

The junction which connects beautiful farwest with remaining Nepal. This river(Karnali) is the Longest River of Nepal.

khaptad National park” width=

Khaptad Patan

Sangrila in earth, beautiful place in Bajura, Bajhang, Achham and Doti districts of Beautiful farwest of Nepal.

Dodhara chadani Jholunge Pul” width=

Mahakali suspension bridge(Dodhara-Chadani Jholunge Pul)

Bridge over Mahakali river, which connects 2 VDCs of Nepal (Dodhara and Chadani VDC) across Mahakali with whole Nepal, Length is 1496.5m.

suklafata wildlife reserve” width=

Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve of Nepal

Best known and most accessible Wildlife Reserve having large Swamp Deer Herds of Asia, and is invariable associated with the Royal Bengal Tiger and the great One-horned Rhinoceros both endangered species.


Tharu Culture

Performing their own cultural dance.Tharus are the indigenous ethnic group who live in the Terai with a concentrated population in the middle and west of the country.

Airport in Dewal Bajhang farwestern Nepal” width=

Bajhang Airport(BJH)

Domestic Airport in Dewal Bajhang, farwestern Nepal.

bhuwa natch “ width=

Bhua naach

One of the cultural dance of Far West, Nepal. Which is started after victory of war in Western part of Nepal during unification of country. Which is mainly performed in Bajura,Bajhang & Achham.

Hope I catch enough fish for my family” width=

Hope I catch enough fish for my family

Old Tharu man fishing in a old canal.

A local porter from Far western region nepal” width=

A Porter in his way.

Life is hard but they enjoy it on their way. A local porter from Far western region, Nepal.

Boys playing cricket near Himalayas in Darchula.Winner will get yarshagumba from loser” width=

Crazy for Cricket.

Boys playing cricket near Himalayas in Darchula.Winner will get yarshagumba from loser.

Rana Tharu  singing hori song” width=

Never forget own Culture.

Rana Tharu women in their traditional attire singing hori song. Most of Rana Tharus are lives in southern part of Kanchanpur District.

Seti River farwest nepal”  width=

West Seti River.

Nowadays West Seti River is famous because of West Seti Hydroelectric Project(750 MW).

Shree Satyavadi Higher Secondary School Bajhang”  width=

School is the Temple of Education.

One of the oldest School of Nepal, Shree Satyavadi Higher Secondary School, Bajhang.

Goddess Ugratara temple”  width=

Ugratara temple

Goddess Ugratara is the deity to whom the temple of Ugratara is dedicated.

Map of Far western Development Region

Map of Farwestern Development Region Nepal
Attraction sites of Farwestern Development Region 
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30 Days In Nepal- Documentary

This time is for 'Desh darshan', so enjoy with this video. This video is made by three friends adventure across Nepal with the goal of trekking the classic Annapurna Circuit and the Thorong-La Pass at an altitude of 5,416m whilst stopping by for a visit with an old friend on the way. Let's watch 30 Days of adventure in this 29 minute 58 second long film.
If you have any other videos of your trekking, travel or adventure please mail us or post the link in comment box.
Annapurna Base Camp (Photo: )

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Traditional Musical instrument and Music

Traditional Musical Instrument and music of Far western Nepal. This Video is Provided by Hreedaya Pandit from Bajhang. Thank you very much for this video.
Let's enjoy with this video:

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Holi : Festival of color (Video)

Festival of color
Holi in Darchula, Nepal
Holi or Fagupurnima is the festival of color, celebrated in purnima tithi of Falgun month according to calender of Bikram Sambat (first week of March, in AD). This is 8 day festival started with installation of Chir (tall pole with colorful strips of cloths), at the eight days of waxing moon in March and concludes the full moon day. People throw colored powder and water at each other during the days. According to Hindu mythology, the festival is observed to celebrate the extermination of a demon Holika (sister of Hiranyakashipu) who tried to burn Prahlad, a devotee of lord Bishnu. 
 According to the area and ethnicity this festival is enjoyed in different way. We are showing you a video of Holi in traditional way in Darchula, Nepal.

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Godawari: Destination for peace and picnic

Hanuman Ji in Nepal
Statue of Hanuman Ji (Cr: Deepak Upadhyaya)
Godawari is one of the famous Religious place and picnic spot in Kailali district, Far west development region of Nepal. It lies 8 Km north from Attariya Chowk, 22 Km from Dhangadhi and 25 Km from Nepal India International Border, Mohana river. Hilly region starts from Godawari so there is cool environment in summer also. Due to the Temples, holy river Godawari and statues of god/goddess these days this place is going to be one of the famous tourism spot. 
Many people come there to picnic. Specially in summer people come there to get relief from hot wind and to enjoy in cool environment. Godawari is known as dating spot also.
We can reach within 20 minutes by bike from Nepal India border, so it's a good place for Indian tourists  also. 
Please visit our blog and comment on our content.

God Rama and Injured Laxman(Cr: Hreedaya Pandit)
Godawari bridge connects Hilly Farwest to Kailali (Cr: Kisan Mahara)
Gathering of god
Statues of 'Gathering of god' (Cr: Hreedaya Pandit)
Just few Km north from Godawari (Cr: Kisan Mahara)
Lohagadhi, Way to hilly farwest (Cr: Kisan Mahara) 
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धनगढीमा अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय क्रिकेट स्टेडियम- ड्रिम फाप्ला

Fapla Cricket Stadium Dhangadhi
सुवास शाही ड्रिम फाप्लाबारे जानकारी गराउंदै
'ड्रिम फाप्ला'का सम्बन्धमा सुदूरपश्चिमका क्रिकेट क्षेत्रको बिकासका एक हस्ती श्री सुवास शाही लेख्नुहुन्छ: 
सिमित भौतिक पुर्वाधारका बावजुद पनि नेपाललाई २०।२० विश्वकपसम्ममा पुर्याउने नेपाली क्रिकेट नेपालको गौरवको खेल बनेको हामी सवैलाई थाहा छ । निकै कम समयमा यति ठुलो फड्को मारेको क्रिकेट खेल छोटो समयमा नेपालको लोकप्रिय र ज्यादै महत्वको खेल बनिसकेको छ । सिमित स्रोत साधनका बावजुद पनि नेपाली क्रिकेटले टी २०।२० विश्वकप खेल्नुलाई अभुतपुर्व मान्न सकिन्छ । यदि नेपालमा पनि राम्रा रंगशाला मात्रै हुने हो र नियमित राष्ट्यि अन्र्तराष्ट्यि अभ्यास हुने हो भने नेपाली क्रिकेटले छिट्टै टेष्ट खेल्ने कुरामा दुई मत हुने छैन । नेपालसँगै विश्वकपको यात्रा थालेको वंगलादेश भौतिक पुर्वाधारको विकास र अभ्यासले टेष्ट नेसनको उपाधीबाट सुसोभित भएकोंंं उदाहरण हाम्रा अघिल्तिर छ । 
नेपालको उत्कुष्ट खेल प्रदर्शनमा सुदूरपश्चिमेली खेलाडीको भूमिका र स्थान महत्वपूर्ण रहेको छ । यहि सुदूर पश्चिमको धनगढीमा केही वर्ष यता हुने गरेका विभिन्न स्तर र क्षमताका क्रिकेट प्रतियोगिताको सफल आयोजनाबाट धनगढीलाई क्रिकेटको शहरको पहिचान दिन हामी सफल भएका छौं । ल्एी को एकमात्र खेलको आयोजना हाम्रो फाप्लामा भव्य सभ्य रुपमा सफलपार्न हामी सफल भयौं । नेपाली क्रिकेटको ताज बनेको SPA CUP हाम्रो एकता, उच्च सफलता र गौरवको विषय बनेको छ । हाम्रो अभूतपूर्व सहकार्य र एकता हाम्रो सफलताको राज हो । त्यसैलेनै धनगढी क्रिकेटको शहरको नामबाट महिमा मन्डित हुन गएकोे छ । यो हाम्रोलागि निकै ठूलो सफलता र गौरब होे भन्ने जस्तो लाग्छ । 
हामी धनगढीलाई क्रिकेटको राजधानी भनि चर्चा गर्छौं , चर्चा भैरहेको सुन्छौं । यसले हाम्रो सामु ठूलो चुनौति ल्याएको छ । हामी सुन्दर भविष्यको छेउमै छौं जस्तो लाग्छ । यो असम्भव छैन, एकदम सम्भव छ । हामीमा केवल सकारात्मक उर्जाको खाँचो छ । यसका लागि अन्र्तराष्ट्यि क्रिकेटको रंगशाला पूर्वसर्त हो । धनगढीको सौभाग्य वा क्रिकेटको सौभाग्य जे भना,ैं सुन्दर, मनमोहक फाप्लामा डिला सैनी वन उपभोक्ता समितिले ६ विघा जग्गा अन्र्तराष्ट्यि क्रिकेट मैदान निर्मानार्थ छुट्याएको छ । यस अवसरमा उक्त समितिलाई म सधन्वाद हार्दिक आभार व्यक्त गर्दछु । हाम्रो आफ्नै जनसंख्या र छिमेकी भारतको जनसंख्यालाई ध्यानमा राख्दै ४० हजार दर्शक क्षमताको ECO FRIENDLY रंगशाला निर्माण हुनुपर्नेमा सबैको ध्यान आकष्कृत गर्न चाहन्छु । मैले यस प्रोजेक्टको नाम DREAM FAPLA राखेको छु । DREAM FAPLA साझा सम्पत्ति हो यो हाम्रो गौरबको आयोजना हुने छ र साझा अभियान ।

यस अभियानलाई अगाडी बढाउन
१. घरदैलो कार्यक्रम संचालन 
२. उद्योगी व्यापारीको सद्भाव र सहयोग 
३. सरकारी गैर संस्थाको योगदान
४. स्थानीय निकायसंग सहकार्य
५. सामाजिक संञ्जाल अभियान 
६. शैक्षिक संस्थाको सहयोग 
७. संचार जगतको महत्वपूर्ण योगदानको अपेक्षा राखेको छु ।

साथै DREAM FAPLA अभियान को नाम दिएर एउटा समिति निर्माणको पहल गरिने छ । जसले 
१. अन्र्तराष्ट्यि स्तरको क्रिकेट रंगशालाको ग्यारन्टी को वा वातावरणको कार्य गर्नेछ ।
२. स्थानीयस्तरमा साधनस्रोत जुटाउने कार्य गर्नेछ । 
३. अन्र्तराष्ट्यि रंगशालाको डिजाइन र स्टिमेट गर्नेकार्य गर्नेछ । 
अव म Hotel Devotee SPA Cup 2015 मा फाप्ला अन्र्तराष्ट्यि क्रिकेट रंगशाला निर्मानार्थ उठेको रकमको विवरणको जानकारी गराउँदछु । 
एसपीए कप २०१५ को टीकट विवरण
रु.२० को टीकट विक्री ९७५० पीस × रु २० प्रति पीस १९५००० । 
रु.३० को टीकट विक्री १०२६२ पीस × रु ३० प्रति पीस ३०७८६० । 
जम्मा टिकट विक्री रु ५,०२,८६०
टोटल टिकट विक्री २००१२ पीस
फाप्ला अन्तराष्ट्रिय रंगशाला निर्माणका लागि प्रति टीकट रु ५ का दरले छुटउदा संकलित रकम २००१२ पीस × रु ५ 
रु. १,००,०६० मात्र । 
यो रकम रु. १ लाख ६० DREAM FAPLA अभियानको खातामा जम्मा गरिने जानकारी गराउँदछु ।

अन्तमा Hotel Devotee SPA Cup 2015 लाई भव्य सभ्य र शानदाररुपमा सफल पार्न स्थानीय र राष्ट्यिस्तरका संचारकर्मी साथीहरुले निभाउनु भएको भूमिका अभूतपूर्व रह्रयो । यहाँहरुको साथ र समर्थनको लाथि हार्दिक आभार प्रकट गर्दै विशेषरुपमा हामी सुदूरपश्चिमेलीहरुको गौरव DREAM FAPLA अभियानलाई सपलपार्न मन, बचन, कर्मबाट समर्पित भै लाग्नुहुने विश्वासका साथ विनम्र अनुरोध समेत गर्दछु ।

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Snowfall in hilly region of Far West (Photo feature)

snowfall in Baitadi
Photo Feature of scenery after heavy snowfall in hilly districts of Far West, Nepal. After snowfall, daily life of locals is affected. Schools have been closed for few days and people have been confined in their own houses. Here you can see photos of famous tourism destination of Far West, Khaptad, Darchula, Dadeldhura and Baitadi. Click here to see beautiful snaps with snow: 
(Source/Credit of Photos are in captions)
Snowfall in Khaptad, Far West Nepal
Snowfall in Khaptad, Far West Nepal (Cr: Setopati)

Snowfall in Khaptad, Far West Nepal
Snowfall in Khaptad, Far West Nepal (Cr: Setopati)

Snowfall in Nepal
Snowfall in Khaptad, Far West Nepal (Cr: Setopati)

Snowfall in Dadeldhura, Far West Nepal (Cr: Ganesh Thapa)

Snofall in far west Nepal
Snowfall in Dadeldhura, Far West Nepal (Cr: Ganesh Thapa)

Snowfall in Darchula
Snowfall in Darchula, Far West Nepal (Cr: fb/Marma darchula)

scenery of Khaptad
Snowfall in Khaptad, Far West, Nepal (Cr: Setopati)

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Desavar - The Biggest voluntary labor in Asia

About 10 thousand people who gathered to voluntary labor 'desavar' considered as the greatest voluntary labor for the longest era without any forces. Like every year this year also 10 thousands farmers have about a month pass on the bank of Karnali River. Karnali is the longest river of Nepal. Most of them are busy to dig the canal and rest of them are cooking food and bringing drinking water for labor.
Biggest voluntary labor - Deshavar
Biggest voluntary labor - Deshavar
Biggest voluntary labor - Deshavar

In 1953 Bikram Sambat (i.e. 1896 AD) the Queen Padamkumari ordered own people to dig irrigation canal, that’s why this canal is known as Rani Kulo (Queen Canal). Since then, the annual maintenance of the canal is proceeded as a mass voluntary labor to maintain the tradition is so far.
Now there are almost 10 thousand people who are resident from 2 municipality of the Kailali district and 7 Villages of Kailali district of Far West development region of Nepal. Farmers from Tikapur and Lamki Chuha municipality and Pathraiya, Durgauli, Munuva, Dhansinghpur, Narayanpur, Janakinagara and Thapapur VDCs are busy in digging the canal from Chisapani, the bank of Karnali River. Badghara (village chief) of their village are leaders of this voluntary labor and Badghara are working in the field to supervise their works.
All management (Lodging, fooding, working etc.) of ‘Desavara’ is done by farmers themselves. But every year where to go ‘deshavara’ and how much area should be dug is said by the umbrella committee of three Kula (three canals - queen, Jamara and kulariya) 'main Kula Committee'. Jamara canal is digging every year by 1960 Bikram sambat (i.e. 1903 AD) and Kulariya canal by 1972 Bikram sambat (i.e. 1915 AD). Dhundiraj Shahi started to dig Jamara canal and Madhu- Kanhaiya Mahato started Kulariya canal.
Biggest voluntary labor - Deshavar
Without single penny of government or any NGOs and INGOs, farmers every year dig 20 Km canal to take water from Karnali River to their own land. This process is continued by more than 100 years. They can irrigate their land by last of March to August; this is the season of paddy plantation in Nepal. This area is known as the ‘Rice bank of country’. These three canals irrigate 14 thousand hectares of 2 municipalities and 7 villages.
Biggest voluntary labor - Deshavar
under construction Rani Jamara Kulariya Irrigation Project
Every year, this canal is destroyed in monsoon season, that’s why government started a mega project ‘Rani Jamara Kulariya Irrigation Project’ with target of 44 thousand hectares land irrigation. This project is under construction for last 5 years. 
[All photos: Deepak Upadhyaya/ Himal Khabarpatrika]
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Khaptad Badimalika Ramaroshan Trail (video)

In this 2 minute 48 seconds video you can see beautiful scenery of Khaptad, Badimalika and Ramaroshan. This trail is known as 'Farwest Heritage Trail', total duration is 17 days and accommodation should be tented camp and home-stays. Please watch this video and comment below. Special Thanks for Photo journalist Bharat Bandhu Thapa for this video.  

For more information, Please contact:
 Tourism Development Society (TDS), Dhangadhi-5, Kailali, Nepal
 Phone no. +977-091-521900 

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Congratulation Guleli Baje !

Congratulations for Bhoj Raj Shrestha 'Guleli Baje' and Dolphin Conservation team for winning NAST award, awarded by Honorable Prime minister Sushil Koirala . We are proud of you. (Photo: Bijay Raj Shrestha/Fb) 
Guleli baje

Guleli baje
Guleli baje
Guleli baje
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